Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Lakes and Looms

View from Cat Bells
Just returned from a rather pleasant family holiday to the Lake District. I'd never been before, largely due to the fact I develop vertigo standing on a chair. The rest of my family, including my loom band obsessed daughter, don't seem to suffer from this problem. To them, Bear Grylls is an underachiever. I had of course seem images of the dramatic scenery, and so I made the journey North to sample it for myself. I now realise that the Lake District is not the place to go if you're averse to a little bit of wet weather. The entire week was a series of deluges with occassional breaks for sunshine. The rain doesn't bother me, but it quickly became obvious that my existing waterproofs were not up to scratch. One thing I noticed, as I dashed from store canopy to canopy, gathering various more climatically appropriate garments, is that as people move around Keswick, they actually generate a permanent, distinct noise of interacting waterproof fabrics.

Suitably attired, I proceeded to accept the challenge of scaling Cat Bells. This may be a mere hillock to the more seasoned climber amongst you, but as I faced the steeper parts of the North Face, I had mixed emotions of intrepid explorer versus looking for a chairlift. I am pleased to report that I did, eventually, make the summit - albeit clinging to the sides at various locations bewailing my imminent demise, while a young family including a four year old girl and a father carrying a nine month old baby in the top of his specially designed rucksack ambled past, oblivious to the treacherous surfaces and lethal altitudes.

View from Llantrig
The views and scenery are absolutely spectacular, although I confess that the following days conquering of the gentler peak of Llantrig was probably more suited to my ability. That said, I am going back one day, and I will face my fear head on once again.

Once back on firmer footing, and calmed by a suitable selection of the local refreshments, my mind turned to tinkering with the website and ironing out a few issues. I was then approached by my daughter and nephew. Apparently, word had spread of my artistic limitations, but it had been recognised that I might just be the person to create a "Spiderman" loom bracelet. This was my effort - I hope you like it!

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